About Us

Alnaim Architects, Engineers and Planning Consultants, is one of the leading architectural offices specialized in architectural design, urban planning, engineering design, infrastructure, supervision of implementation and providing technical services for project management, and within this activity we have supervised a large number of governmental and private projects. Architectural designs varied to include universities, hospitals, embassies, banks, mosques, office buildings, hotels, and government institutions. As for urban planning, it included the planning of new universities and residential neighborhoods directed to pedestrians, and we planned many distinguished residential neighborhoods, such as the Khalidiya scheme in the Al-Waha neighborhood, the Al-Qaser mixed-use development/housing plan, the Al-Bustan scheme in the Al-Malqa neighborhood, the Al-Mousa Hills plan in Riyadh, and the Eastern Jewel housing in Khobar. We have also rehabilitated Prince Sultan Street and other streets in Riyadh, as part of the humanization program for the city of Riyadh.
Among the important buildings designed by the office is the Embassy of the Republic of Senegal to the Kingdom, the headquarters of the Water and Sewerage Authority in Al-Qassim (the winning project was an architectural competition), the Movenpick Hotel Al-Qassim, the Chery Car Rental Company building, and the Abdullah Al-Sayed office building (won the Italian Marble Award). And modern university hospitals, and for mosques, we designed Tabouk University’s Mosque, the Al-Abbas Mosque in Al-Malaz in Riyadh (won the award for the Mosques Symposium), the Saeed Al-Sayed Mosque in the Granada neighborhood of Riyadh, and the Khaled Al-Baltan Mosque in Al-Waha district in Riyadh. The office pays great attention to sustainability issues, especially the use of natural lighting and ventilation, the reduction of energy and water consumption, and the reuse of materials.